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I Play Poker for Fun. They are there to have a good time, like those on the casino floor playing blackjack, baccarat or, more often, the slots. They win sometimes, but mostly they lose. Even those who are a tad better than the others lose because, in the long run, the rake and the tips chew them up. Why do people play poker? - Quora

Reasons why poker is so popular - JMailbox 1 Feb 2019 ... Reasons why poker is so popular ... Although it is not an extreme activity such as parachuting, amusement parks or bungee rides, this game ... Why Most Women Don't Play Poker - MPN 1 Sep 2015 ... So why is it so controversial for women to want to play poker exclusively ... What may be funny or appropriate to a man may not be to a woman. Ruling on playing poker when it is not for money - Islam Question ... 18 May 2009 ... There are other games that are also preferred by players, such as rummy, poker, black jack, five hundred, pick it, and so on. Each game has its ... The Top 10 Poker Tips to Make You a Better Player - ThoughtCo

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Why Spades is More Fun than Poker | VIP Spades Poker is a game very much unlike Spades. Statistics are all that really matter. In a game of Spades, statistics meets game theory Reasons why poker is so popular - JMailbox Poker is the most popular board game in the casino industry, but why is it the favorite game of the fans? Although in the world of casinos there is a diversity of games to choose from because this game is endowed with certain characteristics …

Why do people play poker? - Quora

PokerStars School: Learn Poker Rules and How to Play the Game Learn How to Play Poker. The official ... The Check-raise | When and why should we do it ... “@kuru1020_poker A very interesting fold here with aces Kuru. Is Real Money Texas Holdem Skill or Luck ?

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Video Poker is a computerised version of the game of poker, although in this version, you do not play against any other opponent. The aim of the game is toSo if you feel like a short break from Mega Moolah at any point, then why not give the range of Microgaming Video Poker progressives a try? Why is poker so hard? | Run It Once Why is this game so hard? Any pros want to comment on this? How do you do it for a living? Massive respect to all the full-time pros. This is the hardest game ever! I'm starting to experience stress while I play and stress due to some massive swings. Why is online poker so popular? – Unibet Poker Online poker is just plain fun. Most people when they grow up, become adults and have their own families and jobs, stop playing games and thus reduce the fun severely. Due to too much responsibilities and more things to do on a daily basis, playing online poker makes them feel young... Why is Phil Ivey so good? - Poker Theory - General Poker… he bleeds poker... the smartest people in the world wont be good at poker just cus they are invested in other things. Ivey is a machine... plays longer then u can simple as that.

The answer is that girls are NOT bad at poker.At least they are no worse at poker than guys and a convincing case can be made that guys as a rule are worse. If the definition of "good poker player" means the player who makes the most money lifetime (and i can think of no better metric in a game whose point system is based purely on dollars won) then it stands to reason that the worst poker

Jan 11, 2007 · This was a pretty crazy hand I saved from a $20 180. I've played a lot of $4 180s and I don't think I've ever seen a 5 way allin PF like this... Why are poker chips so addicting? | Poker Chip Forum Mar 31, 2016 · Have you ever wondered? I think about poker chips about 10 times more than I actually think about the game of poker itself. I guess I am curious why the bug has bit me and why it's such a huge thing in my life now. Why Play Poker You Ask? Answered Questions About Why Play

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